Mobile TCG P2E ‘CryptoArc’ will be released through Google Play.

The platform helps investors to make easy to purchase and sell their tokens

Dynamic Fights
The most dynamic fights will not make you bored
Incredible Atmosphere
You will be immersed in the dark atmosphere until the end of the story
Play w/ Friends
Kick ass your friends right in the game with ease


Mobile TCG P2E ‘CryptoArc’ will be released through Google Play.

‘CryiptoArc’ is a TCG that unfolds a vast story based on the ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’. You can select a formation such as three countries and enjoy elements such as collecting beautiful longevity cards and strengthening them. You can also meet the newly drawn heroes such as Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Guan Yu.

In particular, it is possible to obtain a stronger longevity by winning the treasure through a fierce confrontation between users, and the matchmaking system according to the longevity weapon makes it possible to use various tactics depending on the situation.
In addition, users can sell and purchase their cards through the NFT exchange, and obtain new NFT cards through the breeding system.

In addition, it is possible to play cooperatively with users, so it is fun to play the raid boss that appeared during the mission with friends, and it also gives a sense of purpose by providing rewards such as providing game coins listed on the exchange.


ICO CryptoARC Token

ICO Tokens Details & Sale Tokens.

Number of Pre-Sale Token Amount

5,000,000 ARC

May 8, 2022 (9:00AM GMT)
Oct 31, 2022 (9:00AM GMT)
Acceptable curencies
Number of minted Token
300,000,000 Tokens
Tokens exchange rate
1 ARC = ARC price fluctuates depending on trading.
Minimal Transaction
10 Tokens / Transaction

Road map

Our Strategy & Project Plan

Jan 2021

1. Game Development and Update

Jan 2022

2.New Investment Review

Jan 2023

3.Business Plan and Feasibility Review

Jan 2024

4.NFT Exchange Platfoam Development

Jan 2025

5.Item Development and design

Jan 2026

6.Marketing Promotion

Jan 2026

7.Game Upgrade And Further Development

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Our CryptoARC game is an TCG P2E game. Gambling games as the next generation of NFT games. Grow items acquired in the game and sell them in the NFT Market. market


The Leadership Team


CEO of Sato Club
CEO of Golden Futures
CEO of Popcorn Exchange
CEO of Star Mario
Current CEO of Idelcotainment


Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Korea University (graduated in 2006) Seoul IT College Unity Game Development Course (2021) Hyundai Powertech (Computer) 2007 - 2010 Turbulcoms (Game Program Team Leader) 2012 – 2022


Graduated from Vancouver Philharm School (Department of Visual Design) 1995 Joymax Planning Dept. (1998 – 2002) Anisto Development Director (2002 – 2012) Development Director, Turbulcoms (2012 – 2022)

WAYNE YOON, Chief Designer

Germany, one of the world's top three design awards Winner of the 'iF Design Award'


Kim, Hyung Joong

- Korea University, Professor, Graduate School of Information Security - (Incorporated Association) President, Metaverse Media Association

Park, Bong Gyu

- Chairman, Korea CEO Summit - Chairman of World Blockchain Summit Marbles

Park, Seong Jun

Director of Dongguk University Blockchain Research Center/CEO of Davius Co., Ltd. / Ph.D. in Cryptography

Kobby Isik

Rose Water, CEO World-class Blockchain Leader

Heo, Gun Woo

Director, MBC Broadcasting CEO, Majung INT Co., Ltd. Served as President of the Broadcast Camera and Video Association Served as the organizer of the Korea Video Contest

Vazgen Yeghizar

CEO of EDC Blockchain

Charles Lee

- CEO of X4Chain
- Blockchain Expert
- Blockchain Development Specialist

Our Partners

Media Mentions

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*** Notice (Mar 16th, 2023) ***

CryptoArc News

CryptoArk will soon end the beta test and officially open the NFT market service.

Opening Date: Mar 30th, 2023

Android Apk Download link :


We inform you that Crypto ARC has been listed on bitONbay.

-Listing Date-

November 29, 2022 19:00 (GMT+07) (22/11/29)

Project name: CryptoARC (ARC)
Official website:
Blockchain explorer:


ARC(CryptoARC) will be listed on LBank at 06:00 on November 18, 2022 (UTC), the details are as follows:

Trading Pair: ARC/USDT

Trading Area: Innovation Zone

Deposit Enable: 06:00 November 17, 2022 (UTC)

Trading Open: 06:00 November 18, 2022 (UTC)

Withdrawal Enable: 06:00 November 19, 2022 (UTC)


Listing Time:

  • ARC deposit will open on 2022/11/07 16:00 (GMT+8)
  • ARC/USDT trading will open on 2022/11/07 18:00 (GMT+8)
  • ARC withdrawal will open on 2022/11/07 18:00 (GMT+8)


DigiFinex will list CryptoARC (ARC). The specific schedule is as follows: 

  • Time of opening deposit: November 10th, 2022 3:00 (UTC)
  • Time of opening trading: November 11th, 2022 6:00 (UTC)
  • Time of opening withdrawal: November 11th, 2022 6:00 (UTC)
  • Trading pair: ARC/USDT
  • To Trade:

In addition, investment-related notices will be announced through media articles.

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